Why is #GenerasiGIGIH by GOJEK & YABB different from usual tech bootcamp ?

#GenerasiGIGIH by GOJEK & YABB at a glance

Ignite Series #1 : Learn — Unlearn — Relearn

Ignite Series #2 : Sel Learning 101 for Tech Talent

  1. Set Goals
    There are a lot of choices learning path in technology, such as Data analyst, Data scientist, Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Cloud Engineer , etc. Just pick one learning path that you interest the most. Sometimes, as a beginner we want to explore all the programming language. It is Ok. But, don’t take any longer to decide which learning path will you specialize. Once you decide it, browse and have a look what kind of programming language that you have to learn to become an expert.
  2. Start Learning
    After you have a clear direction, just START LEARNING !. In this phase, you need to know what kind of learning strategy that will boost your study. Whether by reading or watching video. Nowadays, there are a lot of free sources that you can use to study about technology. Such as, youtube, medium, or on demand video.
  3. Practice and Solve a problem
    Every you get new knowledge, don’t forget to practice it ! Just start your code. Find a real problem, you can re-create others project by your own hand. Solving a real problem is extremely the best way to boost your coding and logic skills.
  4. Iterate step 2 & 3
    The most important thing that tech talent must have is ‘Commitment’. By iterate step 2 & 3 regularly, means you have a huge commitment to become stand out tech talent.
  5. Get a freelance Job
    By freelancing, we can solve a problem in a professional way. Make your freelance job is like your real job in your dream company.
  1. Be an effective engineer
  2. Adopt a growth mindset
  3. Seek conducive work environment to learn
  4. Opportunity to choose hight impact work
  5. Invest in the rate of learning
  6. Read ! Read ! Read !
  7. Master your english
  8. Master your googling skill
  9. Contribute to open source
  10. Find a mentor !

Ignite Series #3 : What to prepare to be a change maker



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